Bachelor of Applied Social Sciences & Level 2 Counsellor with the Australian Counselling Association


A Masters in Clinical Sciences Evidence Based Healthcare & a Clinical Fellow of the JBI
A PhD (med) In Evidence Based Healthcare and Clinical Leadership

Husband & Father

30 years of excitement, love and adventures with my beautiful wife and inspirational children.


General Registered Nurse, later specialising in Gerontic Nursing & Fellow of the Australian College of Nurses & the Australasian Gerontological Society


25 years of learning & development, instructional design and teaching. Adjunct Associate Professor UQSONMWSW

My Skills
Dr Drew Dwyer BASS, BSN, MClinSc, PhD, FACN, MACA, CFJBI
I have so far lived an extraordinary life. Military service and nursing grounded me as a man and grew me as a person. I met my beautiful wife at a young age and fell immediately in love, and have been ever since. My passion for caring for other people and the lived experience of care work challenged and drove me to learn more and apply the skills I was meant to practice. I found my forte in teaching and mentoring alongside caring and counselling.  After finishing my military career I found a passion in caring for our communities frail, vulnerable and elderly.
Taking on the challenge of higher degree learning and research was the beginning of a new frontier for me. Now at mid-life, I have chosen to impart that what I have learned, and that what I am still learning through speaking, education and motivation to others combining the facts of science, the reality of life and adding my sence of humour. I hope you enjoy listening to what I have to say through my speaking, my books or teaching sessions. 


Joined the Royal Australian Army Medical Corps at 17. Personal Growth & Professional development was the foundation the Military  gave me and I returned from active service to continue my journey.

Reiki Master

I practice Reiki energy, (often described as "universal life energy" or "spiritual energy") which is accessed by the practitioner during a treatment. It enhances the body's natural healing ability and promotes wellbeing.​

A proud member of 

Going through life as a GIANT and living with this diversity has been a catalist for much of my endeavours to  seek knowlege, empower myself and others and be a leader for change where I can.
Standing over 7 feet tall has many trials and tribulations that I have experienced and wish to share with people. Dont take it seriously though, I have learned that humour is indeed  an art form and an affectionate way to provide insight.
Make the most of everyday and every moment, good or bad, these moments will build resistance and resiliance when you need it most. Look for the light in all you experience and do.
Currently there are 5 generations of people living together on our magnificent planet. Through working prodominatly with the older and great generations in care settings, I have come to identify strongly with the Baby Boomers. This generation is perhaps the most important generation of people who will have the biggest impact on our future and they themselves have the greatest burdens to carry over the next 20 to 30 years.
I really love educating and faciltiating on a expert clinical level.
I make sure that all I have to give is on the table for health professionals to absorb and take away to implement into their practice. The world of Evidence Based Sciences is amazing and not every clinician gets the time to understand or study it. I love being the 'steward' of information that can be difficult to interperate and translate to practice for clinicians who are focused on service delivery.
Everyone has a mission or purpose in life. Some people I meet seem to have got lost in the forrest and cannot see all the trees. I have built a lifetime of knowlege and skills that now need to be shared as a service to others.
I love learning and love teaching those that want to learn. Sometimes the messages I  send will not be experienced as positive for some people.  I ask them to consider that confrontation has a positive place in your learning. How you can unwrapp the information and use to in a positive way is a skill you may need to focus on.  
Over the years I have learn't that I can be wrong. Not nessessarilty in factual content or evidence but more usually in style , delivery or context. In any case, I ask all those who feed from my Table of Knowlege to understand that good or bad as an experience of learning, it always comes from a good and meaningful place with me.

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