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Baby Boomer Gen
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  • Born 1945-1964
  • Came of age during the civil rights movements and desegregations of society
  • Witnessed the Vietnam and corrisponding anti-war movements to which many were conscripted or drafted into service
  • Ushered in a more permissive and socially liberal culture
  • the owners of the "Sexual Revolution"
  • Mould breakers and inventors of the Tech Industry
  • The founders of space exploration and the new frontier
  • Big Brand creators  

  • Independent and empowered
  • Competetive and Savvy
  • More open minded in social values than previous generations
  • Focused on health, wealth and longevity
  • Values individuality and consumerism
  • Will not be subservient to governement or aristocracy
  • Big technology consumers
  • Still holds shared values of the previous generations
  • Values being engaged in the workforce and society

Dr Drew's Speakers Kit 
Baby Boomer Insights
Written By Dr Drew Dwyer 04/4/2016
If you were born between 1945 and 1964 then YOU are a "Baby Boomer".
The Boomers as they are often refered to are an exceptional cohort of people, that are responsible for breaking the numerous moulds of the previous generations before them.
Boomers are the children of the Great and Silent generations, the legacy of those who gave all so that we could so much. The current Boomer population is around the 500 million mark globally and their ages range from 52 to 70 as of 2016.

From the aspects and contexts of gerontological studies, this cohort is perhaps the most scientifically studied in terms of their potential impacts on society worldwide. Often considered "Old" by the younger generations (The Milenials), Boomers are definatly older, but NOT Old yet.

Boomers consist of the post war sufferagettes, to the hippy freelancers of the social and sexual revolution of the sixties and commonly labelled the "Non Conformists". Depending on what research you read you will notice that Boomers are often placed in two seperate streams of homogeneity.  Group (1) being those who can claim  the Vietnam War and group (2) those who can claim the AIDS epidemic as their rights of passage.

Never the less, the Bomers are proud of their accomplishments to society as the real myth busters, inventors of space exploration, big brand creators, modern technolgy platformers and consumer focused markets that drive our new world and the nuances that have been the scafolding of the modern world.

Unlike the generations before them, Boomers are ever adaptable, flexible to change and by no means frugal in their financial direction or descisions. This generation gave strength to the worlds economy. Created, suffered and now survived the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) and today has an estimated $2+Trillion USD impact on the global economy.

Now faced with having to place their own retirement plans on hold, the Boomers find themselves again in the leadership position for creating impact on our future growth, diversity challenges and social changes that will be nessessary for the population ageing and the impacts it will bring on the world.

One of the clear burdens of the Boomer cohort is that of the care needs of their living older generations before them. Their parents and loved ones that gave so much to set the stage for Boomer excellence. Here is a focus on transition to end of life and providing the quality that these great and silent people deserve.

My message to the boomers is clear. Its time to evolve, take hold of what it is you have created, learn to diversify, lead by example and settle for nothing less than that you were prepared to do when you were younger.  The world is the boomers oyster and inside they know that a peral exists. Not by chance or luck, but by strategic leadership, change management, ideas and inspirations and the tenacity that all boomers have for success.

Living in a world that was created to inform transform and provide longevity, now is the most important time for the Boomers to take the lead. There is much potential change ahead that if not taken control of by the Boomers of the world, we may see a world that is in crisis and unable to balance that what the older cohorts have taught us. 

This web site will be continuously blogging and presenting the motivation, inspiration and knowlege to support the boomers to personnaly grow and professionally develop, as the skills already obtained will need refreshing and polishing.  I have your back when it comes to information, education and support for descision making. The rest is up to you. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We aim to reply within 24 hours.