Personal Growth

Professional Development

Flexible Learning Solutions For Busy Professionals
Dr Drew has a number of solutions for your Learning & Development.
Dr Drew uses a professional  organisation to manage his schedule and teaching programs. Please read the information below and click the  links that will either direct you to Dr Drew personally or to his  preffered education providor Frontline Care Solutions .
Some people prefer to be in a room face to face with the expert. If this learning style is for you,  please book for a public workshop or seminar that is being presented around Australia.  Sign up to the newsletter for updates at www. Frontline Care
If you are looking for a Key Note Presentation  or Conference Breakout Session from Dr Drew, please click the link below and it will send Dr Drew a personal request that he will manage himself in order to provide you with a personal and professional service.
Unfortunatley there is only one Dr Drew and it is difficult for him to be in all places at once. However, much of Dr Drews work is recorded in webinars, online courses and programs that you can access through
  1. Face To Face Seminars
    Specialising in Health Care , Aged Care, Community Services, Disabilities and Counselling. The subject matter is evidenced based and contextualised to your needs. Seminars are delivered in direct language and you will come away feeling challenged however highly motivated.
  2. Online Webinars
    Dr Drew works closely with Frontline Care Solutions who specialise in turning his learning materials into programs, courses and products. For a list of subjects please click on the link below.
  3. In house Workshops
    If you are after a more personalised service for your teams an in house workshop on a number of subjects can be arranged. All contain leadership, communication, customer service and management. Please contact the team Frontline Care Solutions for more details.
  4. Online Courses
    Dr Drew has designed a series of online courses in a number of subjects ranging from compliance training through to clinical leadership, care management and specialised courses in aged care and community services. Please talk to the Frontline Team for costs and access.
  5. Mentoring Programs
    If you are looking for a Mentoring program for your leaders and managers, Dr Drew is available to create and lead a mentoring program for you. Please click the link below to engage in the first step of delivering this unique style of learning and building capacity in your teams.
  6. Key Note Speaking
    Dr Drew's passion and personality leave a long lasting impression on those fortunate enough to experience his presence.Make your next key note address one that will fill the room with a buzz of excitement and empowerment. Dr Drew can present on a wide range of topics and contextualise the key note speech to be focused in on what it is you wish for your audience.