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Invite Dr Drew into your space and watch his videos on an array of topic's he wants to share, explore and laugh about.
  1. What is CARE?
    Dr Drew breaks down the meaning of CARE for him & how he uses it in his teachings and daily routine.
  2. Consumer Directed Care (CDC)
    It's time to focus on YOU, the consumer. Watch Dr Drew explain what care you have available for your parents, grandparents or even yourself, who want to stay at home. Watch this FREE easy to understand break down on CDC and feel free to message Dr Drew with any questions.
  1. Choose the Right Provider.
    Dr Drew walks you through how to find and choose a care provider. He will show you where to look and what questions to ask to make sure you’re doing things your way.
  2. Planning for Dementia
    Dr Drew shares his top five tips to maintain control when planning for Dementia. Please feel free to ask Dr Drew any questions of email him directly at [email protected]
  3. What's Important?
    Dr Drew breaks down "what's important" for you or your loved one when planning your home care package.
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